Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another farewell: My Jenny

My sweet fluff girl died last night. Unlike Rosie's death, however, I was expecting this. Jenny began going downhill not long after Rosie died, and simply lost interest in everything except sleeping. If she hadn't been so absolutely terrified of being put in her carrier and riding in the car, I'd have taken her to the vet, but I really did fear that would scare her to death. So slowly, over these past few weeks, I've watched my poor kitty get thinner and thinner, slowing down, and eating and drinking a little bit, just to please me. It broke my heart.

The loss of both my dear companions in less than two months is simply too much to bear. I see now what a blessing it was that I felt compelled to go find Molly when I did, as I don't believe I would have done that had I waited any longer, with Jenny getting weaker and sicker. Poor Molly didn't know what to make of Jenny and mostly just kept her distance. However, she has bonded fast and firm with me. I'm afraid she's in for a lot of holding and tears and petting on my part.

Dear God, hold both my dear old kitties for me. I trust that they are whole and happy, wherever and however you care for them in your eternity. And hold me too, I pray. This is very hard.