Monday, August 28, 2006

Guest Bloggers: Rosie & Jenny, Singers Extraordinaire

Greetings, friends of our human slave Psalmist. Rosie & Jenny here. We just sang "Happy Birthday" to our cousins Whistle and Fish, the one-year-old-today officially now CATS!!! over in the Gulf Coast area. Our human STILL doesn't have any pictures of us that we can upload (have you ever known a lazier human?), so our alter egos will have to do to prove that not only are we beautiful, we are talented:

Jenny: I'll go first. Here's me (with green contacts covering my beautiful one-gold & one-copper eyes) singing one of our human's favorite roles, the Queen of the Night, in Mozart's The Magic Flute. (Psalmist doesn't have the high "f" this role requires--she's proven this too often for our delicate ears' comfort. But she still really likes the Vengeance Aria. I sing it for her every now and then so she can get a fix...or at least, I lip-sync it with the CD! By the way, I really do look a lot like this lovely cat diva, only my mane is even longer and fluffier. (thinking to myself...Psalmist needs to buy me a pearl and diamond choker like the one in the picture. I would be oh-so-gorgeous in fine jewelry!).

Rosie: Here I am! Now it takes a lot of make-up to get my cute brown-and-white tabby self to look like a siamese singing Madame Butterfly, but I suffer for my art--and a kimono hides a multitude of feline figure flaws! Sad to say, Psalmist isn't a particular Puccini fan, so I don't get to sing this lovely, tragic role very often. I think she's just jealous because she has just a so-so chamber voice and couldn't handle romantic opera at all. Besides, I'm so much prettier than Psalmist is, and it takes a great beauty to pull off this role. (I'm way prettier than Jenny, too...but don't tell her *I* said so!)

Jenny: I heard that! (Hiss---Growl---bat, scratch--Hisssss!)

Rosie: Gotta go, human blog readers. There's a big fluffy drooler here who needs to be reminded who's Top Cat in this household.


St. Casserole said...

Whistle the Cat here: You don't have a pearl collar? Tell your human to get one for you! You are fancy cats with costumes! We NEED costumes here to keep up with you!

We just meow, we don't sing. Fish is very chatty. I say less but try to make my needs known with my paws and tail. Fish makes lots of noises...

You are great cat cousins!

Psalmist said...

Jenny here. Hi, Whistle. Hey, I know what you mean about "chatty" cat siblings. At least Rosie isn't my "born" sister, we just got adopted out of the same rescue home at close to the same time. But that Rosie! She "chirps" at our human, as if humans could really understand our complex feline communications. (Psalmist wonders why we do those fanny wake-ups--it's because she refuses to listen to our more subtle demands!). So, anyway, about that collar: Psalmist isn't exactly rolling in it, if you know what I mean. I'm going to hold out for the real deal--no fake gems for me! So I'll probably wait until Jesus takes me home. But I *know* I'll wear the tiara to end all up in heaven! Psalmist will finally understand me, and all will be well with Queen Jenny there to beautify the heavenly realms. Psalmist says she's going there someday, and I can't imagine her enjoying heaven much without ME!

So are you enjoying all your birthday treats? Hey, don't worry about costumes. Rosie and I don't *need* them, we just like the spotlight. Trust me, y'all's "Huck Finn" episode with those straw hats was NOT your best look! You're perfection itself as God made you. Strapping, handsome young males of the superior feline species. God does EXCELLENT work! So do costumes ONLY if YOU like them. Train your human to understand that it's all about YOU, not about her. It's hard work, but eventually they do learn.

Love, Jenny >^..^<

revabi said...

I loved reading your blog. I told my kitties all about you, but they just asked for more treats. Keep singing.