Monday, May 28, 2007

"Seven Things You Don't Want to Know" Meme

Sorry, Singing Owl; I forgot I told you I'd do this meme. But I'm still not going to tag anyone. But (hint, hint) if you read this entry, consider yourself tagged!
  1. I am double-jointed in several toes.
  2. I am directionally challenged.
  3. My favorite beverage with pizza (preferably sausage and olives) is milk.
  4. Even though I grew up less than an hour from Mt. Hood, I did not learn to ski until I had lived in Texas for years, and had to go to Colorado to do it.
  5. I received a commendation in Army Basic Training for "maxing" my physical fitness tests (but don't expect me to repeat the performance lo these thirty years later).
  6. My life of crime began and ended when I was about five, when I stole a pair of Barbie sunglasses from the dime store. I wasn't caught, but the guilt I felt made me keep them hidden. Poor Midge (I didn't have a Barbie) never even wore her ill-gotten booty. I still half-expect to be asked about this when I reach heaven.
  7. I am allergic to ingested alcohol, including the small amounts in cough medicine, sauces, and other foods.
There, now that you know far more about me than you ever wished to, why don't you tell all on your own blog?


Singing Owl said...

The only thing we have in common (THIS time) is that I am directionally challenged. :-)

Psalmist said...

Oh, so you can't cross your toes, don't like milk with your pizza, didn't move to Texas to learn to ski, didn't max out your PT tests, weren't a pre-school criminal, and don't get deathly ill if you drink?

Well, hrrrmmmmph! At least we could get lost together! LOL

zorra said...


Psalmist said...

Yeah, I know. Weird, isn't it?

What can I say? It does a body (and my taste buds) good...