Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thank you, Bishop Willimon

If I ever needed a kick in the spiritual pants, this address by Bishop William Willimon fits the bill. In the midst of my recent (and ongoing) wrestling, I needed to hear this message.

No coincidence, I'm sure, that I'm scheduled to preach a week from Sunday. The miracle is that rather than feeling discouraged by such a masterful message, it has energized me to dig in and allow God to use the best I can prepare, as God will choose.

Anyway, please read the Bishop's address, even if you're not Methodist or Wesleyan. If you've ever wondered what a quaint little old-fashioned historical figure like John Wesley could possibly have to offer the 21st-century church, Bishop Willimon gives a powerful summary--and a challenge to all of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ.

(h/t to Dr. Platypus)


revabi said...

I read what he wrote. He sends us his sermons, etc by email if you sign up for them. I thought it was one of his best in a while that I read. I think he was in his element as PReaching in a educational institution. But I also think there are things to be gleamed from it that we all can here. I just have to change some of the language so that my church members can hear it.
Thanks friend.

Anonymous said...

Psalmist. How are you?