Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good-bye, Rosie

I'm again breaking my blogging hiatus, this time for a very sad reason.

My little Rosie, one of my two feline companions for the past ten years, died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. I don't think I've fully grasped yet that her little chirps of happiness won't be greeting me when I get home anymore, nor will her little body twine around my feet almost to the point of tripping me when it's mealtime, or just "mama time."

Jenny seems quite upset by her death, and has already taken to talking a lot more, as if to ask where her sister-cat is. They may have fought like the proverbial cats and dogs, but they kept each other company during my long hours away from home. Every so often, detente would break forth and I'd catch them napping together on the recliner, almost touching.

I haven't figured out a pat theology of how our pets will figure into eternity, but my head keeps telling me that Rosie is just fine now and forever. My heart simply misses her terribly.

To those inclined to prayer for this kind of grief, I thank you for it.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I'm sorry to hear that your companion has left you. It is extra sad when you don't have some warning. We had to put our cat down after 19 years, but with the warning of a number of months of ill health, it seemed more matter of fact. But, yes, I missed those cat noises. Actually, now when there are noises in the house, I can't blame the cat, so now I guess I have to accept some mystery in my life. I'm glad you have Jenny.

Catherine + said...

Dear Psalmist, you certainly will have my prayers for the loss of your Rosie. I am truly sorry for you loss and understand the emptiness that is left behind when they go to be with their Maker-Creator. You and Jenny have each other to find consolation...praying helps, from my experience. Just know you are cared about, not forgotten, and well loved.

Mary Beth said...

So sorry to read this. Much love & many prayers.

Psalmist said...

Thank you, my friends. And PS, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your cat's death. Prior to Rosie, I had six months of "borrowed time" with my precious Gracie because my generous veterinarian transfused her with one of her own barn cats (we were in a rural area, and the vet had primarily a horse practice). You're right; it still hurts a lot, but there is at least some time to adjust to the inevitable.

Both Molly and Jenny continue to be very good comforters, and each of you commenter-comforters have been a blessing to me as well.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

We had about 7 months of borrowed time with our Van. The vet gave her some kind of shot that revived her, but at 19 years, she wouldn't have been too perky anyway. Unfortunately, hubby looked at the vet bill and said, "You spent $100 on a dying cat????" He hates cats and could think of many charities that money could have gone toward. He also decreed, about 5 years before Van died, "25 years with cats; the next 25 years without cats." I guess he doesn't plan on a divorce, anyway.

We had to care for our daughter's cat for two months a year ago. I found out that when the cat wasn't my choice, it wasn't as fun or cozy.