Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guest Blogger: Molly

Hello to my mama's blog friends. I'm Molly, and Psalmist is my new mama. (This picture isn't me, but it sure looks like me. Mama brought me home so fast, the foss-tur peoples didn't get my picture made. That's how we say it here in Texas. Nobody gets their picture taken, they get pictures made.)

My old mama died, and my new mama's kitties died, so she says I'm a gift from God. Silly if I didn't know that! Of course I am! When Mama came to the Pets Are Smart store where I was, God told me exactly what to do, because I was supposed to go home with Psalmist. So I sat on her lap, then snuggled into her shoulder and purred. That's all it took! She cried and hugged me and told me what a beautiful girl I am (again, Mama's awfully silly, saying something so obviously true), and she found out that I like to be petted and scratched almost everywhere. It felt really good. Mama's a good petter. So she got the carrier and a pretty pink blanket, and in I went. I was a VERY good cat; I didn't make a sound the whole ride home. Mama was very impressed with that.

When we got home, I met my sister-cat Jenny. Mama didn't know that Jenny was getting sick with a broken heart, but I knew something was wrong. She didn't want to play with me, and she almost never wanted to even eat anything, even when Mama gave her (and me) some really 'spen-sive yummy wet food. Jenny was missing her sister-cat, Rosie. I didn't meet Rosie, but Mama told me Rosie died, so I snuggled her even more and told her it would be all right. Sometimes it still gets pretty wet when Mama is missing Rosie and now Jenny, too, but I don't mind. My Mama needs to cry, because that's the way God made her. She just misses her old kitties an awful lot. And since I miss my old mama, too, we're very good for each other.

Guess what? Mama says that she met another kitty at the Pets Are Smart store. Mama says her name's going to be Maggie. She's a munchkin cat. Here's a picture of her. I'm glad I will have a sister-cat again. Poor Maggie's old sister-cat got adopted first and they wouldn't take her, too, so she needs Mama and me. Mama says I will have to share her lap with Maggie, but that's OK. She's supposed to be really little, even though she's a grown-up kitty. She has really short legs, so I bet I can jump higher than she can.

Mama says that Maggie will come home on Saturday. I'm already practicing how I'll show her around our part-mint. I'm also going to show her how to beg Mama for Greenies. She's such a push-over! Next to snuggling with Mama and getting my ears scratched, eating Greenies is my very most favorite thing. I just know that Maggie will like them, too.

I'm going to be the BEST sister-cat ever! I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I think Mama is overdue to rub and scratch me. Duty calls! Bye, hew-mins!


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

The human in this account must share DNA with my daughter. But don't let her read this story because she already travels cross country with her cat. I don't think it would be safe to travel with several cats, plus my DH already doesn't like it when there is a cat visitor in our home. He once said, "25 years with cats; the next 25 years without cats." But we fooled him because our third cat lasted another 5 years after he said that. Oh well. Meow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a purrrrr-fect family!