Monday, October 30, 2006

Children's Musical

I do want to report on my elementary-age children's choir musical, which we presented on October 15. The children were absolutely wonderful, as were the adults and youth who helped make things happen so that I merely had to direct. The subject was the book of Esther, retold with lots of literary license. Our young Queen Esther, who had the only solo of the musical, sang beautifully. The maidens' cute solo lines during the first number--a rap!--were spoken clearly, with appropriate humor, and loudly enough that most of the congregation understood them--and laughed! Our narrator (in the role of a news reporter) hammed it up delightfully. King "A" was regal, the cameraman was fabulous, and it all came together far better than I could have hoped. And yes, I managed to get all the costumes finished in time.

Oh, and I got all but one of my pledged embroidery projects done for the Lord's Acre (fall festival), and substituted a different purchased item for the one I didn't make. All told, my items sold for over $200 total in the live auction. Not bad for someone in my condition at the time.


April said...

Wonderful! Well done!

SingingOwl said...

Good! Welcome back, my dear friend. Your candor is a blessing.

I'm still praying.