Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Many thanks to you all

Hello again. I am very touched and grateful to those who've read and commented. Things are getting better. Through nothing short of a miracle, I got enough quantity of the correct meds that I will be able to take it until the VA can kick in. It will be awhile before I've ramped up to the correct dose and really feel the full effects, but I'm already feeling a little better.

Meanwhile, it's crazy time at both jobs. My children's choir is the sermon, choir, and Scripture lesson all combined this Sunday with our Esther musical. This is the day after our all-day Fall Festival, for which I'm still scrambling to complete the items I pledged to do (hand embroidery--can't really be rushed). There are still costumes to complete for the children. All the other usual tasks are still there as well, though I did give the adult choir tonight off. And day job stuff will be better after today. I got so behind on things, it's a wonder I still have that job. I guess it doesn't hurt to work for a healthcare provider who treats people with my illness. He was the picture of patience and understanding when I was just too sick to work. So now I'm paying the piper!

Ongoing prayers would be wonderful. And thank you again for your comments and promises of prayer. I have felt them. I thank God for all my supportive friends--including you, my online friends.

More soon.


Catherine + said...

Dear Psalmist, you shall continue to have my prayers, for as much as God loved David the Psalmist, how much more does She love you? So very much. Nothing is impossible for God, including our healing, in body, soul, mind or spirit.

We will keep holding you up and holding onto you...



April said...

Hi,Psalmist. I've been checking in and keeping you in prayer. I hope tomorrow goes brilliantly.
Many blessings! April

revabi said...

Prayers for you and hope the healing continues.

St. Casserole said...

Prayers for you and yours