Saturday, June 23, 2007

Guest Bloggers: Rosie & Jenny, Feline Diggers of Jesus

Our human slave, Psalmist, has already posted five things that she digs about Jesus. We happen to dig Jesus, too.

1. We dig that Jesus loves cats, especially us.

2. We dig that Jesus never made any rules requiring cats to be subservient to humans.

3. We dig that Jesus promises heaven to those who love him. Since we dig (and love) Jesus, we look forward to getting to live with him forever. That's what Psalmist says heaven means, getting to live forever with Jesus.

4. We dig that Jesus teaches humans to be servants of all. Left to her own sinful tendencies, we think Psalmist would neglect us terribly, so we're glad that she follows Jesus and serves us.

5. We dig that Jesus forgives even self-centered, egotistical cats. He must; he forgives Psalmist of her sins, and she's only a human.

We forego all the formalities that Psalmist did. She even invaded our territory by tagging Whistle, Fish, and Sister. However, should Littlemankitty and Girlkitty; Molly the Dog of the World; Patches; Tygger, Rhianna, Prince Aiden and Midnight; Polgara and Tiria; Josie and Boudreaux; or Melech want to do this meme, we'd be glad to read what you say. (Hope we didn't miss any of the dogs and cats who've commented on our entries). But any of the cats or dogs of the human readers here are welcome to blog about how they dig Jesus. Your humans are welcome to play, too.


Molly said...

Hey, I'll play!
Your friend,

P.S. an after-thought said...

I just wanted to point you to this book review I saw on a blog.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I played too here.

The Shadow Princess
and RevGalBlogCat

Singing Owl said...

Thanks for the invitation! I'll play too. I love to play!


Psalmist said...

What good blogging! We've read your entries, Molly, Tiria, and Patches, and we applauded! (We just didn't reply at the time...sorry, our human slave was kind of distracted and did not convey our pleasure for us. But she really did follow your links and she liked what you wrote, too.)

Rosie & Jenny

Psalmist said...

Thanks for the pointer, P.S. I read that review, too, and the book is on my reading list.