Saturday, April 12, 2008

I knew better...

Yes, I did.

But I did it anyway. I really had no choice.

I will spare you the worst of the mental image. Suffice it to say that my sweet fluff girl Jenny, who is pure white with long silky hair and two different colored eyes (gold and copper), let some *stuff* get stuck in her *fluff*, around her luxuriant "panties." It had apparently been there since early this morning, and was thus dry. It was NOT pretty.

So I did what any good cat mama would do: First, I cut off a bunch of the "stuff," resulting in a significant loss of "panties" fur. Then, I put some gentle shampoo in some nice warm water in the bathroom sink, and I gently carried my darling in there, and I scruffed her neck just so, and I soaked and eased the nastiness from her fur.

Now, I must say, my darling girl was very good. Though she throatily cried bloody murder, she only lashed out once (at least once that she actually connected), and gave me only the smallest of scratches (through my shirt!) on my upper arm, near my armpit. I guess she thought turn-about was fair play. And she even stayed put while I ran more nice warm water to rinse her off.

But alas! My sweet girl escaped while I was toweling her dry. I now have wet cat foot- and body-prints all over the apartment. She hisses and growls and aims sharp scratches at me and will not let me near her. I can't say as I blame her. (NOTE: Image is not Jenny, but embodies her attitude about being bathed by her human slave quite well.)

But she *does* have nice clean "panties" now. I can stand to look at her from the back, which is good, because she keeps turning her back on me. Cats are like that.

I would not be surprised if she gives you her side of the story sometime soon. Like the "stuff" in the "panties fluff," I'm sure it will not be pretty, either.


P.S. an after-thought said...

Angry cat picture!

Anonymous said...

woooo! yes, our fluff butt is getting groomed tomorrow, thank goodness. He is getting quite shaggy and only the pro can handle him for that job (he is stretched across the couch now and resting up for the adventure tomorrow).

Judith said...

That is one angry cat!

My oldest standard poodle also gets "stuff" in her "fluff" about midway between haircuts. My remedy is to have someone hold her head while I lift her tail and use a little battery-powered dog clipper on the surrounding region. She is not happy, but has gotten used to it!

Unlike a cat, my dog would happily go around forever with "stuff" in her "fluff." Dogs just think that's cool.