Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I spoke too soon.

I am no longer being considered for the church staff position I mentioned in the last blog entry.

The senior pastor of that congregation called today--the day of the interview, and with me already dressed for it and at work on a short-term assignment--to tell me that the committee with whom I interviewed last Thursday had decided not to recommend either of their finalist candidates to the Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, so tonight's interview with them was cancelled. The other committee (Children's Ministry) simply doesn't know what they want. That was obvious from several of the questions they provided for me to answer last week.

As was the case with the church that did not hire me last summer, it's probably ultimately a good thing that it didn't go any further than this.

Still inhales, though.

(Interpret that as you will.)


Anonymous said...

The month of May is just nuts. I dread it coming every year, and still, we throw all kinds of things into the month and it's nuts. I am praying that the Love of Jesus fills you, the Holy Spirit truly guides you, and the will of the Father be done.
BTW, I was already praying for you today, even though I didn't know all this was going on. PEACE.

P.S. an after-thought said...

My son also got similar news, that he wasn't being considered for a job where he had two interviews. Darn for you both.

Catherine + said...

Psalmist, greetings to you in the name of the risen Lord.

I also had been and still am, praying for you. On the one hand I am sorry you were not allowed the interview; that everything was cancelled and upturned. On the other hand, our mighty God has great plans for you, and His will shall come to pass for you, and you will be glad.

Do something wonderful for yourself today; not so much to cheer you up but because you deserve something wonderful everyday.


Singing Owl said...

Aw, Psalmist! I know this wouldn't be so disappointing if it were the first or second time it's happened I wish I had wise words. If I did I;d speak them. I'm good at words. ;-) But I don't so I will continue praying.
I love you.

stinuksuk said...

Psalmist, ((O)), sorry to hear the position didn't work out. I pray that something good will come along soon for you.
Yes, the post-Easter season is just as busy as the time leading up to it!!
My heart aches for you, and may spirit longs to encourage you.

Psalmist said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm doing well. At least now I don't have that nagging distractions of, "Am I going to have to resign and how soon could I afford to move and how far ahead should I plan for the summer knowing I may not be here?" to contend with. The other church had SAID they wanted to hire someone and have them on board by June 1. It was a major stressor for me to think about. So now that's not an issue!