Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Resolutions

I've created a mess! I started with two good goals in one of my New Year's resolutions: keep up with each week's Lectionary texts, and read through the NRSV in its entirety this year. But trying to make these two good goals work together has resulted in utter chaos!

The problem is that I haven't yet found a chart of non-Lectionary Scripture passages. I'm quickly discovering that MAKING one isn't going very quickly! I knew we had a "hole-y" Lectionary, but sheesh!!

I'll post what I eventually come up with, but I think maybe I'm going to need to do a low-tech checklist from one of those Genesis-Revelation charts in the meantime.

(I do wonder if I'm the only anal-retentive person in the blogosphere who is even concerned about making my Lectionary and full-Bible systematic readings harmonize.)

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