Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Bloggy Awards - My Nominations

Bro. Greg is (still, I hope) taking nominations for Blogosphere Awards for 2006. Here are my nominations:

1) Best blog site of 2006: RevGalBlogPals

2) Most scholarly blog site: Better Bibles

3) Most controversial blog site:Tellville

4) Most spiritual blogger: Dr. Platypus

5) Most amusing blogger: St. Casserole

6) Most consistant blogger: Dr. Platypus (Don't let the double nomination go to your head, Dr. P.!)

7) Nicest dressed blogger: PeaceBang, who blogs at PeaceBang's Beauty Tips for Ministers (also at her main blog, PeaceBang)

8) Blogger most likely to succeed: Molly, who blogs at Adventures in Mercy

9) Blogger who has made the most impact on your life personally, spiritually or theologically: Singing Owl, who blogs at The Owl's Song

10) Blogger most likely to vanish and be found years later presiding as tribal king on a small island in the Pacific: No nominations. There are quite a few that in my weaker moments I wish would disappear like that, and whose views seem to support the idea of self-importance necessary for tribal kingship, but I wouldn't presume to add to their notoriety!


molly said...

Aw, shucks, thanks. :) (Er, what does that mean, exactly...most likely to succeed at annoying people???)... lol...

Off to check out the other links you mentioned!

D. P. said...

Thanks for the props, Psalmist! I'll try to remain humble.

St. Casserole said...

Wow! Thanks for even considering me!

And, I thought I was a deeply serious person At All Times...

Psalmist said...

Oh yeah, very serious, St. C.! Humor through serious moments is high art, and I think you're the #1 artist!

Dr. P., I know you'll do your best!

Molly: I really do think God will give you TRUE success. Your honesty and integrity inspires me, and you exhibit such grace! Brava!

greg hazelrig said...

Thanks for linking.
Thanks for playing.
God bless.
In the love of Christ,

SingingOwl said...

Hi! Just catching up here. I've been a bit distracted. Thanks for the mention!