Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Advent/Christmas Music Meme

Thanks to Sue at Inner Dorothy, here's a meme that lets me be positive about music, after ripping "RUOMOG" to shreds below. My answers are in Advent Blue and (non-liturgical) Christmas Red (given that white doesn't show up well) or Ordinary Green (for those that aren't specifically Advent or Christmas).

1. What are your favourite Advent/Christmas hymns?
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light; People, Look East;
O Little Town of Bethlehem (much better when sung to FOREST GREEN); Star Child.

2. Which are your least favourite?
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day; There's a Song in the Air.

3. Which secular seasonal songs make you want to run screaming into traffic? Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer; The Christmas Shoes

4. Do you play Christmas music around the house and in the car? What are your favourite holiday CDs?
Of course! I usually have some sort of Baroque music playing, either instrumental (concerti grossi, mostly, by Bach, Corelli, or Telemann) or one of several favorite recordings of Handel's Messiah. I'm also partial to a cappella choral carols.

So - how about you?


Sue said...

Oh, I had forgotten about The Christmas Shoes. Gah! A simply ghastly song.

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Fortunately, I listen almost exclusively to Public Radio, which is this state is usually positioned on the campuses of a number of colleges which church affiliations. Anyway, they don't bombard us with the trashy Christmas music, so I wouldn't recognize most of it anyway. But we get the great hymns and chorals, and we get the live Lessons and Carrols from England on Christmas Eve.

One of the favorites in this house is In the Bleak Mid Winter for its haunting melody. Ever notice how even some of the hymns (even)in the hymnals don't really make sense theologically? Or at least not to me. There must be stories behind some of these songs.

We have a thick book of Christmas songs from all over the world which is fun to go through. There is a lot of stuff that is very tradtionally Christmas, apparently, that is not overtly religious, so I guess this isn't just a modern trend.

Psalmist said...

Yes, isn't it horrid?! I couldn't bring myself to include it with the "Advent/Christmas" category.

Thanks for visiting, Sue.

Psalmist said...

I don't listen to NPR a lot; I really ought to do that.

Yummy re: Lessons and Carols. Our brothers and sisters across the pond DO know how to do Christmas with the proper musical dignity and taste!

How ARE you, P.S.? You've been in my prayers.

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

PS here, I'm back home, for at least a month I hope. Too many miles, but for a good, family reason. I think I will be "alone" for Turkey Day, but I'll go to a community dinner.

I try to read some blogs while I'm gone, but it is hard to post on a super slow internet connection.

Psalmist said...


I resisted DSL for such a long time, but the phone company has made it more expensive NOT to get it, so I broke down. It is a lot faster. But I sympathize completely with you on the slow connection thing. That was my life until about a week ago.

Mary Beth said...

Man, do you have good musical taste! And it just happens to coincide with mine!!!


my least favorite Cmas time song is where dogs bark out "jingle bells" makes me shudder to remember it.

Happy Delurkey!

Anonymous said...

I had to put this on my blog too... There were many horrible ones to choose from. Hopefully I did not commit too many faux pas in your estimation! :)


Mrs. M said...

I'm wild about NPR, particulary Christmas Eve and Day.

Also, Chanticleer's Christmas music is stunning.

And I'm complete's wild about Renee Fleming doing Shubert's Ave Maria. In fact, she has a CD of sacred music that's spectacular.