Monday, November 27, 2006

Nouslife: Posada blog chain for Advent.

Nouslife: Posada blog chain for Advent.

I think this is a wonderful idea! I sat here at my computer practically rubbing my hands with glee, thinking, "Oh, I want to participate in this!"

Do you want to participate, too? I think it would be such a cool thing!


LutheranChik said...

What a good idea!

Andii said...

First, thanks for offering to host the holy couple in an e-posada on their i-journey. Please find below a schedule which I hope will be okay.
Secondly, please accept apologies for short notice if you are early on the list.
What follows is an adaptation of instructions which will be appearing on the Nouslife blog as part of the first e-posada posting.

I have simply tried to put them in order of offering. You'll notice we get as far as 19 Dec so further recruitment or even offering to host on another of your blogs is great.

Swaps are okay provided the chain of reference from one host to the next is not broken. Remember that the previous or next person in the chain may not know who you are so your predecessor will need a visit from you as soon after you have posted as you can manage to put a link in their comments so the rest of us can follow the trail to your posting.

I suggest that everyone links to my 'originating" Advent Sunday post post when it appears, so that it is easy to get back here in case there are new posters whom I shall add to the list. Could I also ask you to email me if you think that I don't have your email address at this temporary (for the next few days) email address as I don't have everyone's contact details in case we need to do some troubleshooting. If you would check the blog addresses -I've made some educated guesses below- I can put corrections in here so people can get in the right vicinity if something goes awry.

Mon 4 Dec Chris Munroe aka Desert Pastor.
Tue 5 Dec Jem Clines
Wed 6 Dec Alistair
Thu 7 Dec Lydia
Fri 8 Dec Jennie Swanson
Sat 9 Dec Psalmist
Sun 10 Dec Dr Platypus
Mon 11 Dec Sally Coleman
Tue 12 Dec Jim Palmer
Wed 13 Dec Anne Gogh
Thu 14 Dec Weekend Fisher
Fri 15 Dec Dave
Sat 16 Dec John Cooper
Sun 17 Dec Sue Wallace at Abbess
Mon 18 Dec Lucas
Tue 19 Joanna at Keeping Feet

Thanks, with prayer that this will be a venture that enriches us and all our readers with fuller appreciation of God's gifts to us...