Monday, November 27, 2006

Day Job!

For those who read about my latest job-hunting challenge, here's an update.

I begin a 3-4 month assignment tomorrow that, if successful, could morph into a permanent position after that time. Right now it involves taming a big backlog. I'll be creating and updating electronic patient records for a local nephrology practice, with a little front-desk cross-coverage. The pay rate isn't wonderful, but it's more hours than I had at my previous day job. More than I want, really, but I do need the money. And rarity of rarities, I didn't even have to interview for it; they selected me on the strength of my resume, which my agency recruiter hand-carried and presented last Friday. (You'd be amazed at how there can be a series of interviews even for 1-2 month assignments. Almost no one just accepts the temp an agency sends a them anymore.)

So, if you're so inclined, I'd welcome prayers. (Remember, my last long-term, "permanent" day job was for a hospital system that went bankrupt in 2003. It's all been temp assignments or "permanent" jobs that quickly went bust on me ever since. I personally pray for something stable, soon.)

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St. Inuksuk said...

My prayers are with you and for you. All the best as you begin this new job!