Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hunting Again

Yep, I'm hunting once again: for a day job, that is. I'd been close to resigning and even offered to do so, at the height of the depression trouble. I've been half-killing myself to get things caught up again and was making significant progress. Apparently, however, it was not enough. Despite the days on end with few private clients, my boss insisted on making the correlation that they've lost money since I was hired. Never mind that they went with no insurance filings for nearly two months BEFORE I was hired. Never mind that the therapist did zilch to drum up general practice clients (as opposed to the court-ordered clients with whom he holds group sessions). Never mind that he has near-zero grasp of how his own business works. (He's a great therapist, but that's where his understanding ends.) Just as things have turned around, he fires me. C'est la vie. In most ways, I'm relieved. But it still bites. Their loss, though. It was too few hours for me in the first place, so I stand to make more money even temping. The sheer number of hours on top of the church position is what has me exhausted just thinking about it.

The good thing is that three different agencies have strong assignment possibilities for me, though I turned down one because of a ridiculously low hourly rate and a relatively long period of time at that rate. There's supposed to be a good desktop publishing assignment in the works that I'll hear more about tomorrow.

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