Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lent: Day 8

Lamb of God

Music and Text: Twila Paris (from the Kingdom Seekers album)

This is one of those remarkable songs that I wish everyone could hear and know. I'll be singing it this Sunday. Here is the second verse:

Your only Son, no sin to hide,
But you have sent him from Your side
To walk upon this guilty sod
And to become the Lamb of God.

The refrain is a prayer that I might be washed in "his precious blood, my Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God." And in the final verse, there is a sense of wonder that despite my lostness, the Lamb-also-Shepherd calls me to his side to be called "a lamb of God."

Whatever else we may presume to be, the fact is, we're all simply lambs in the flock of God's perfect Lamb, who takes away the sins of the world.

Misere nobis.

Note: Twila Paris doesn't have "freebies" available for either the recordings or the texts, so I don't have a link where you can see the full text for "Lamb of God." If you're interested in purchasing it, it appears you need to buy an album. While this song is available on several different albums, I'd recommend A Heart That Knows You, which can be ordered through her official website here.

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Steve Washburn said...

Thank you for the info.
Found your blog searching for just such freeby to learn this song's melody, as I heard it today for the first time