Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Interview Decision

The other candidate was offered and has accepted the position at the pharmaceutical company.

I may have another position to start on Monday, albeit for significantly less money but for a whole lot more than what I was making at assignment-from-the-hot place October - December. I'm waiting to hear for certain that it's still open and get more details about it. It could even develop into a permanent position.

As I just told my pastor, who has been a supportive friend through this day-job odyssey, it would help if I simply knew what tipped the decision against me. That, unfortunately, is something I'm never told in all the times this has happened. Is it my size? My age? My strange work history? Did I say something wrong in the interview? What were they looking for that I could not provide?


Still trusting, even when it's hard. And meanwhile, I am weighing less and have a couple of professional outfits that I look REALLY GOOD in. For my depressed fluff-head clothes-focused survivor self, that's SOMETHING, no?

Update: I did get the back-up assignment and it will start either Monday or Tuesday. The minimum duration is four weeks. The client company is in the process of creating a permanent position for the work that has previously been contracted projects, because their business has expanded to the point the projects are continuing year-round now. So, it may morph into a temp-to-hire position. Not holding my breath, but glad to have work to go to again.

NEW Update: The assignment has been postponed until a week from Monday. Hoping for a short assignment until then, but that's not too likely. Maddening!


Anonymous said...

It IS something. Doggonit, you ARE special! I am still praying. We have had so much going on here, but as I work on packing for a move and work at work, I am praying for you all the way!

Isn't there some way that you could kindly ask for some feedback (the agency?)? It could well be that you just didn't have enough pharm background--I sure wouldn't!

Yes, trusting hard each and every day for you. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. Let me tell you, this is so true.

Anonymous said...

OH, and I'm trying to drop a few pounds, too. I may ship to you a box of things to wear soon! :)

Psalmist said...

Thanks, dear friend. There's no way to find out. This was probably an agency bidding issue. It was demoralizing to see on my agency's target board (white board listing their high-powered orders and the candidates they had lined up to fill them) the very morning I went to interview, that they stood to make $16K over the period of the contract if they placed me (or any candidate) there. Since they contacted my agency first, they gave the price to beat. The winning candidate was from another agency, so it's very unlikely that my agency even knows why I wasn't chosen. It could be simple low-bid finances, or it could be something to do with qualifications or intangibles/illegal-to-ask issues. For example, I realistically have only 20 more years to work. If they interviewed someone significantly younger, the advantage to the company is clear.

One thing I do know: pharmaceutical experience is not an issue in this position. Office management and mature judgment are.

Anyway, I won't be getting any helpful information, but there also may be none that I could be given. Such is the nature of temping.

But again, thanks so much for your support. It means more to me than you can know.

fleurmagnifique said...

I'm here from Mad Priest's blog and quite new to blogging. Hoping you are chosen for the work that begins Monday!
I looked at your entries for Advent 2006 and am struck by the beautiful works of art that you posted then. I like the way you describe yourself "about me" and your gift for writing. I seem to have a sympatico for musicians though I am not especially talented in that dept. even though I enjoy singing in a church choir. I love church music and the wealth of wonderful texts set to music (not to mention the incredible variety of music). While I do not suffer clinical depression, I do get down at times and find it difficult to shake the mood (coming out of a divorce doesn't help). The disappointments of job hunting, interviews, rejections are all too familiar to me, at least in the past 10 years. After 17 years at my first professional position, I moved with my husband and 6 month old daughter to another state, region of the country, stayed home for 4 1/2 years and then got a p-t, 9 month per year position for 9 years, then we moved to a big city and all of a sudden I seemed unemployable. It was a shock. I think a combination of middle age (was 53 by then) and the fast rate of technological change. One person who hired me for a temporary position became my de facto cheerleader, urging me not to get discouraged by rejections, that it was just numbers and that it was just a matter of time, I would get a job. I haven't been totally convinced, but it was comforting to have his encouragement. So I say to you, from the little I have read of your work, you impress me as a very bright, competent, sensitive, individual and I wish you every blessing and soon! I'm glad you have an attractive interview outfit. That does a lot for your sense of worth. Wishing you also, strength, courage and hope.

P.S. an after-thought said...

Wow, I had hope your update was a job. Dang. I can hardly believe that they would have the white board right where clients can see it. That doesn't seem very professional. If two agencies are competing, that doesn't seem like they would be serving the clients, but themselves. Anyway, ask the kids say, it sucks. [I always thought that was the WORST slang, but then I say a TV ad about it and lightened up, much to my children's delight.]

Psalmist said...

Thanks, Fleur and P.S. I appreciate your comments and it's good to meet you, Fleur. Trust me, you are precious to your choir conductor; I love my dear singers very much and there's not a "pro" among them. Give me hard-working, dedicated, and music-loving any day over merely talented singers.

P.S., in temping, the client is the company looking for workers. They have all kinds of euphemisms for those they send to do the work, such as "associate" or "candidate," but we're essentially harlots and the agencies are our madams. Crass, I know, but that's the deal. I wouldn't have known about the target board thing except that I've done internal assignments for two of my agencies. If the office suite permits, "candidates" are never permitted to see it. This particular agency was set up such that I could see it and I recognized what I was looking at. At least I know I'm not merely a five-dollar "candidate." They were renting me for top-dollar. (wry grin)

zorra said...

Crud! I am sorry. Well, I have my fingers crossed for the other job.

And at least you're stylin'.

P.S. an after-thought said...

I did a temp job once, running a copy machine 8 hours/day for over a week at a large law firm. That was "back in the day" (hate that saying too) when copy machines were as big as large cupboards. I think I got about $3/hour. Anyway, I was so "good" at it that they offered me the job full time! My DH said no, we'll get a loan before you do that forever! And the worst part is that the law firm was representing a large mining company that was a big polluter, dumping their mining waste into Lake Superior. Yes, I guess I was the harlot! LOL BTW, the mining company lost in a landmark lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Psalmist--PRAISE MY SOUL the King of Heaven! Alleluia for plan B. And you just keep the faith until we see the next step on God's path.
Love ya,

P.S. an after-thought said...

Good thing you didn't start holding your breath. Who knows what Good might come out of this time in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I too had to shop for a new outfit last night and found NOTHING. I have a gift card, too! Nothing. I need your suave style sense running through me! I'll try a bit tonight again.

Anonymous said...

OK, shopping for the outfit day 2: I found a black dress for $20; a dressy jacket to go with it for $15 and the stylish bell sleeves on the jacket, too; a suade jacket (real leather folks) for $15; and a $60 sweat suit for $12. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It was a gift from God to find these things. Really. Then, I went home and was inspired to do a bit of an alteration on a brown tweed skirt that I have so I can still wear it with the new suade jacket--POOF! it worked. You've inspired me--and I'm the tom-boy of all ministry people. THEN...I actually finally got a final drape panel sewn to put up in our bedroom to help ready the house for sale (I've had it around for ages...and just avoided the job). Literally, you inspired me with your care of good quality basics. I figured if you can do it, now that my feet are working again, I can get through the sale racks--and I DID!

Now, in the next month, after a couple of more paychecks, maybe I can try to find shoes for my new feet...that's the next step. ;)
Thanks for your inspiration.

St. Inuksuk said...

Keep the faith, Psalmist. Something will come to be for you. Do not lose faith, do not lose heart, be encouraged.
Some things just seem to take longer and it gets hard not to be discouraged.
Your stylish suit or put together outfit for the interview sounded really great! It always helps to feel good going in.
Prayers are with you.

Psalmist said...

Heya, Paisley, sounds like you did GREAT in the shopping and styling department! You GO, girl!

Thanks again, everyone, for your kind and supportive comments. I'm sitting at my desk, sending out resumes and applying for jobs. At least there's plenty to do while one waits to become fully employed. (wry almost-grin)

Psalmist said...

Paisley, what I ought to do (and would if we lived closer) is hire you to sew for me. I know *how* to sew, that is, the basics. But I'd never make it through the process of sewing a well-made outfit. I just don't have the patience. Years and years ago, when I was in the military (and found myself needing a FEW civilian outfits), I had a gem of a lady, German ex-patriate, who sewed for me. I had the most wonderful Pendleton wool skirt that she made me. I mean, I wore that thing for fifteen years or more. Bought the fabric at the PX and she charged me $15.00 to sew it! (This WAS many years ago.) A pretty salmon-colored dress (with a PAISLEY! pattern to the fabric), a couple of nice tops...should have insisted she make me some killer slacks, but alas, I got a new assignment and left the area.

And then there's the dressmaker who sewed my wedding dress for me, during the previous assignment.

When you've had custom-made clothes, it's very different to make do with off-the-rack again.

Ah, well...memories. Still, I wish I could hire you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the short story...I just hunt and peck at it. REALLY. I know, I grew up with a girl whose Japanese mother was a seamstress. She could do anything. And really, I wish I could half talk about it with the style and panash (sp?) you do!

And really, my feet are even more impossible--and you can't alter for those babies.

Psalmist said...

Poor dear re: your feet. I've been so glad to have the Liz Claiborne shop in my area. They're always having really good sales, the shoes are good quality, and they (pretty much) fit my feet. Well, truth to tell, I should probably hunt high and low and risk many orders and returns to find that elusive wide-at-the-ball, medium-at-the-toe, narrow-at-the-heel shoe that I suspect does not even exist, but I just go with the next bigger size in medium width and do pretty well. In that, I'm blessed. My length size is even pretty average. I live three stories up, so it's REALLY good that I don't have significant foot trouble.

How ARE your feet doing, my friend? I read a general comment about their almost being healed now, and I'm hoping that means you're a sassy-walking, painfree gal now.

Anonymous said...

Getting there. I had to wear heels this weekend and I was exhausted yesterday, my knees hurt, and I was back in tennis shoes again. So goes my tale. I am happily wearing a nice pair of slacks and black sweater today, with tennis shoes. I will rest them for a few days. I hadn't felt the surgergy weariness for a long time, then came all out house I am babying them again.

And, I have never had an easy time with shoes. What I find, I should buy TWO of, but I never have the funds to do double duty!

So, Tuesday is better on my feet! Gotta get through a very stressful house prep week, then I can resume my healing (I now hear it can take 18 months--putting me into June 2008 range...OY).

Keep the faith...walk the walk...