Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Thank you, everyone.

The interview went very well. I did not wear the plum suit, which I was dismayed to find that a cat had given claw love (those with cats understand; for the rest of you, that's when a cat is feeling, "Like wow, like I LOVE my mom, I think I'll do my massage-y nursing behavior on this thing that smells like my mom") to the skirt before I last sent it to the cleaner's. So -- BIG risk -- I shopped for a cold-weather-appropriate suit. I found one IN THE MISSES' PETITE DEPARTMENT (woo-hoo! -- weight loss) and I looked fabulous in it. Plain navy slacks, a fitted pale blue shell piped with navy at the neckline, and the most marvelous navy-black-light blue-pearl gray long-sleeve tapestry long bolero jacket. Quietly elegant, worn with a classy pair of navy pumps and simple silver chain and earrings. AND I got a good price on the suit.

(I notice when I'm a bit stressed out, I tend to focus on clothes. I guess there are worse things than trying to look sharp that could come out of my stress.)

I was the only person out of three from my agency who got an interview. The other contract agency has also presented several candidates, and they wanted to interview one other person, so that interview is tomorrow morning. So I'll attend a funeral at my church and, by the time I can turn my phone back on, I could have a final answer. But I'm still definitely in the running.

The department I'll be supporting (it's not just executive support) involves safety, environmental compliance, and security. It's a global company, so there's a huge scope of knowledge that I'll need to soak up as quickly as possible. But through my time speaking with the VP director and the assistant director, I think I'd be a fantastic fit. Their feedback was that I would be, too. The last time I felt this good about an interview was when I got the job that only ended when my boss got fired, so...as I said, I'm still hopeful.

Thanks again for the support and the prayers, my friends. I'll post something once I'm back at a computer


P.S. an after-thought said...

Wish I could send you my daughter's kitty that I am babysitting for the month. I thought I liked cats, but we've been happily empty-nesters for two years, as well as 1.5 years without a pet, and, well, it is NICE.

Lots of cat love happening to my ankles. And lots of stuff being dumped over in the basement when the cat is sent down.

Anyway, hope the job works out. Sounds like you wouldn't be bored with is very soon.

Anonymous said...

Lots of love and continued prayers for God's provision for you!

zorra said...

That sounds excellent!
(I'm glad you were able to find such a fabulous suit, too!)

Jane R said...

Hello Psalmist, we met at PeaceBang's Beauty Tips for Ministers as I recall and had common taste in earrings (clip-ons, right? or maybe it was silk scarves around the neck). You sound positively elegant and I think focusing on clothes is a fine thing to do when one is trying to pull oneself together. Things can work from the outside in sometimes... or more than sometimes. I am so glad to hear you had a good interview! And of course I pray that you will heal and grow stronger inwardly and be very kind and good to yourself. Peace to you.

Psalmist said...

Hello all, and thanks for the comments. Jane, you remember correctly on both counts. I *strive* for elegance, and sometimes achieve it. At a baby-faced 5'3" and flirting with 50 years and 200 lbs (even while losing), occasionally elegant is about the best one can hope for. As a very wise former mentor told me years ago, "fake it till you make it." If I LOOK good, I may well come to feel good.

Still waiting to hear the final decision on the job. I think I have another one lined up if this one falls through, though for less money and less challenge...still much better than the last assignment, God be praised.

Uh, no on the extra kitty, P.S. Thanks anyway. My own two are often two more than I can manage.

Zorra and Paisley, y'all are super to comment, too. Many thanks.

Off to prep work and rehearsal tonight. I'll post more once I know something.

Rowan The Dog said...

I have a suit that makes me feel that way. I swear, I think my IQ goes up when I wear it. I bet you looked super!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm praying for you to psalmist. Love, and best wishes.