Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thank you for caring, friends

Just a brief note to thank my readers for your concerns and prayers.

The depression has been seriously bad this past month or so. I found I simply couldn't meet my day-to-day obligations at church and day job, and blog as well. That well was dry, dry, dry. Sorry I just up and stopped writing.

The day job situation was not good at all; I accepted a long-term fill-in position at the same company where I thought I had a permanent job in the works the beginning of last year, until my boss was fired and I was laid off. It was for a type of work I don't enjoy, for less money than even the state of Texas required me to accept (vs. unemployment), and I had a couple of very demoralizing experiences on that assignment. But it's over now. There's good in every bad situation.

I had another no-interview turn-down happen recently, this one at my pastor's home church; they were looking for a communications secretary and my pastor was certain they'd consider me the ideal candidate. Not even an acknowledgment when I sent in my resume, and a brush-off when I followed up by phone.

Now, I have an interview scheduled (the first of those in a long time) for Monday morning at a large pharmaceutical company's headquarters, for a position of executive admin to their VP of Security. I have higher test scores and a more comprehensive skill set than the other two candidates, according to the new agency that's sending me. This company (client) is notoriously difficult to get a foot in their door, so I'm glad for the opportunity and hoping for the best. The position is vacant because the previous exec assistant just retired, so the VP is clearly not looking for a Barbie-doll kind of candidate. I've dropped enough weight that my old-but-elegant plum suit fits again (now that it's too cold here to wear the new blouse-enhanced 3/4-sleeve interview outfit), and I'm headed out to do Sunday prep work at church and will make a swing by Steinmart to treat myself to a new scarf to spiff it up; the collarless neckline requires either that or a choker-length necklace, and I like the softness of a scarf better. If all else fails, my VERY old pink paisley silk scarf will work again. And my Aigner burgundy pumps will be perfect with the outfit. Truth to tell, I haven't had an actual interview since June. I've kept wardrobing for one, but not getting it. Yeah, this feels a little more like it.

If I get this job, the pay will be such that I can afford to meet my obligations AND take the occasional time off for things like seeing a doctor and a dentist. What a novel concept! It will nearly match the best hourly rate I've ever made. The downside is that I could be temping for up to a year. But heck, that's what I've been doing, piece-meal, for over four years now, so what's the diff? (The pay, that's what.) Not to count an unhatched chicken, but I really do want the job.

Anyway, back to the no-blogging thing. I'm not going to make any commitment to myself or to my few readers to write here regularly. Thanks again for caring and to Paisley and Singing Owl for commenting. I'll try to write something periodically just to prove I'm still alive and kicking.

Happy 2008, all.


P.S. an after-thought said...

Thanks for the explanation. Missed you! Blessings and best wishes and prayers! Searching for a job is when I've felt lowest in my life, so sympathy too. Have you tried temp agencies?

adventuresinmercy said...

BIG HUGS from your sister in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Psalmist...I am praying for you and for the big company--that you will be just what THEY need.

The Lord Bless and keep you...
make his face shine upon you...
and be gracious unto you.

Grace and peace and blessings,
Paisley from Chicago

St. Inuksuk said...

So that's where you've been!
Prayers are with you that the interview will go well and they offer you the position. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

From Celtic Daily Prayer

Lord, You have always given peace for the coming day;
and though of anxious heart, today I believe.

Lord, You have always kept me safe in trials;
and now, tried as I am, today I believe.

Lord, You have always marked the road for the coming day;
and though it may be hidden, today I believe.

Lord, You have always lightened this darkness of mine;
and though the night is here, today I believe.

Love and prayers,

Mary Beth said...

Great to read you. Hope interview went well.


Diane said...

please know I am remembering you in my prayers as well.

terce said...

I've danced with the black dog too... Peace be on you and yours.

Jan said...

I'm in Texas, too, but have no musical talents. You do, so that's a plus. I've struggled with depression so much that 12 years ago I had to be hospitalized. If you want to "talk" - email me.

Paul said...

I know the burden of iffy employment (or none, at the moment) and wrestling with obligations one has no idea how to fulfill. May you find the way forward and have light shining all about you once again. Prayers ascend.

FranIAm said...

Greetings and peace- you are being held aloft in my prayers!

I send you thoughts and wishes that you land where you need to and find healing peace.

eileen said...

Prayers the job will come through, and the black dog will run along.

May Godde's healing grace come upon you...

Judith said...

God's peace to you, and blessings on your interview!

Kirstin said...

I know the black dog well.

Peace, strength, and light to you--and blessings on your interview!

Mary Sue said...

Just a stranger wandering by from MadPriest's way (though I suspect I'm not much stranger than the rest of that lot) and recognizing a lot of my situations in yours.

So all I have to say is...
[cheerleader outfit]
Go you! Woohoo!
[/cheerleader outfit]

Psalmist said...

Many thanks to you all for your comments, and to Catherine and Mad Priest for letting folks know.

I'd never heard the phrase, "dancing with the black dog" before. Fits. But I'm sitting one out now and then.

Still waiting to hear, hopefully VERY soon, about the decision on the interview.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, to both the old and the new friends.