Thursday, July 27, 2006

Check-in, and Day-old Hump Day Humor: VBS

It's been VBS time and therefore near-full time at church job, crunch time at the supposedly very part-time day job #2, and controlled chaos at part-time day job #1. There hasn't been a lot of spare time to post. Also, I've managed to keep a foot in with a private e-mail list and public forum amid some really stinky shenanigans by a philosophical opponent against our moderators. Prayer would be appreciated. I know I haven't been at my best in my attitude toward this man, who I believe intends genuine harm to the cause of biblical equality and those who embrace it.

Anyway, as I said, it's VBS time. Like many good United Methodists, we at my church have been enjoying the "Adventures of the Treasure Seekers." My job, of course, has been leading the music. Unfortunately, the director is a bit of a lone ranger who likes doing things on the fly. She refused to be pinned down on any details, including who was to lead which activities and even to giving out the materials. July 16th is a bit late to ask your music minister to "help [C.] with the music--she has the music leader's books," with [C.] gone on a mission trip until late that night...then find out that the director told [C.] that I was going to lead music and would she please help me. I didn't even see the music leader's book until a week ago today. And keep in mind that [C.] reads no music and neither of us plays piano. This latter wouldn't have been so bad, except that like any VBS curriculum, there was not enough "canned" curriculum music. You always have to augment. With our pianist unavailable this week,'s been interesting. Under-prepared, under-accompanied, but still full of God's grace as the children have joined us each evening. Nothing like a sanctuary full of children "walking like an Egyptian" to "Archaeology" and wielding imaginary shovels during "Dig Deep." Tonight is the final night, then we have the celebration for those children able to attend on Sunday morning.

Still waiting for the HUMOR? Here 'tis!

The "mascot" for Adventures of the Treasure Seekers" is Professor Whoo, the Owl. Our pre-schoolers especially love "Owl," who is actually a fairly large plush hand puppet. After Tuesday night's dismissal, several of the children ventured up to the "restricted area" to check out "Owl." The puppeteer held the puppet (hands outside, like a stuffed toy) to let them pet and play with it a moment. Then, he put his hand into the puppet to make it move for them. One little boy, an older four-year-old, said quite loudly, "That's how you do it! You put your hand in his butt!"

Poor Professor Whoo! Brave [pseudo-] soul that he is, he was still able to show his face last night, despite his great indignity.

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