Saturday, July 29, 2006

A great quote & "It's not all about the sex"

This is from Metacrock's blog; I thought it was absolutely brilliant:

"Gender is a matter of culture, sex is a matter of biology, and God is a product of neither." Metacrock, 2006

There has been much comment recently about William Mouser's upcoming book, which essentially views all of Scripture through the lens of female subordinationist ideas of sex, sexuality, and gender. It's really awful stuff, based on the outline Mouser himself posted publicly. You can go find it yourself; I'm not going to give him more traffic. The Egalitarian Christian Alliance forum site has several discussions going on about his foundational writing, generally referred to as "Five aspects of man" and "five aspects of woman," as well as some comment on the not-yet published"The story of sex in Scripture." Everything he writes about is from an idealized 1950's model of upper-income Western gender stereotypes, read into the Bible and proof-texted extensively as though that makes these stereotypes biblical. It's difficult not to conclude that this author is inordinately interested in sex. In the upcoming book, he claims that there is "cosmic sex," though of course he's careful to include a disclaimer that sex goes beyond the marital act and permeates human and God's relationships. So no, it's not all about intercourse, but it's absolutely all about sex. I put that up there with a classic patriarchalist non-distinction between "masculine" and "male." (They claim God is the former, but not the latter.)

That's where Metacrock's quote applies. We've simply got to stop allowing people with influence (Mouser was recently ordained priest and serves as a vicar in the Anglican church in a small city in Texas) to go unchallenged when they remake God in their own, sex-absorbed image. Human sexuality is God's very good gift to the human race. As with every other human trait and capacity, however, God transcends sex. It's normal for adolescents, male and female, to have sex on the brain. One would hope, however, that as human beings enter full maturity, they find a little more balance in their lives and in their thinking.

So to the Vicar of Waxahachie: Dude! It's not all about the sex!

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