Friday, July 21, 2006

For those interested in "my" anthem

A few posts back, I wrote about being published as a lyricist for the first time. A couple of you indicated you'd like to hear the anthem that was published, due for official release in September. (Bear in mind that I am not the composer, though I like what Mark did with the text.) It's a Cokesbury/Abingdon publication, and you can listen online here. If you're still in the cheap dark ages of dial-up access like I am, you may not have a very satisfying listening experience.


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

It worked, I listened! I'm on dial up. Lovely song. Good words, music, feel for baptism.

Psalmist said...

The composer made one text alteration and Abingdon made another, neither of which Abingdon would change when they asked if I had any changes to suggest (then why ask???). I thought they were significant, but not so major that it destroyed the original idea.

Thanks for listening, and I'm glad you liked it. And I'm also glad you're still "around" even though you're taking a break. I missed you there for a while.

SingingOwl said...

Oh, a lovely song!

Psalmist said...

Sister Owl! That was so nice of you to check it out! Thanks for the kind comment.

I forgot to "disclaimerize" this latest post about the anthem; I know infant baptism isn't everyone's practice and that's specifically what it's for. Oops--sorry!