Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hump Day Humor: Saints There Ought to Be

Made-up Saints

A few of my new RGBP friends have created saints' names for their blogging identities. These include St. Casserole and St. Inuksuk, though I think I'm missing a couple more people. I think it's a great idea to remind ourselves every chance we get that we're ALL saints: those who are being sanctified in Christ.

However, for my weekly discipline of at least one humor post per week (naturally melancholy sort that I am), I thought it might be fun to challenge my blogging friends to create saints there ought to be. Like "St. Elsewhere" of classic television, these made-up saints' names are fun. They could also be the patrons of very important people and things. To get us started, I suggest:

  • St. Carriout: Patron saint of those who work in fast food restaurants, and their customers
  • St. Febreza: Patron saint of those with too little time to deep clean their homes
  • St. Illegibus: Patron saint of physicians and the pharmacists who must decipher their prescriptions
  • St. Liberalis: Patron saint of the progressive left, and moderates who live in the Bible Belt
  • St. Procrastor: Patron saint of the last-minute
  • St. Rectitude: Patron saint of the upright, uptight, and/or the religious right

I hope you'll add your own candidates for sainthood in the comments!


D. P. said...

How 'bout:

St. Melanin, patron saint of sunbathers
St. Gregarious, patron saint of extroverts
St. Solo, patron saint of choir prima donnas (of either sex)
St. Criticus, patron saint of fault-finders

Psalmist said...

Thanks, D.P.! I knew I could count on you!

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Two I need:

St. Nessuno Nombre: , patron saint of people who can't remember other people's names.

St. Stupido: Patron saint for the times you slam your palm against your forhead and say, "Duh."

Thanks to my English to Italian dictionary, since I don't know any Italian or Latin.

Or how about St. Seniouro Momento, Patron Saint for Senior Moments.

Hey, this is fun. What is fun? I forget!

Ok, Now I have to get ready to leave for a trip.

Psalmist said...

Hehehehe, Proclaiming! Those are good! Mutual travel blessings to you, as I get ready for my trip.

susan said...

When I did CPE we consecrated a new clock in honor of St. Timex the Punctual. A friend and I wrote a complete order of worship including the hymns: "Take Time to Be Holy" and "Sweet Hour of Prayer."

St. Inuksuk said...

Really enjoyed these.
If my brain weren't so mushy from a very long week, I'm sure in time, I could think up a couple more. Thanks for sparking the humor and imagination.