Monday, February 11, 2008

Lent: Day 5

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17

"Then God spoke all these words: I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery: you shall have no other gods before me."

Hymn: "The God of Abraham Praise," UMH 116
From the Yigdal, Daniel ben Judah, ca. 1400; paraph. Thomas Olivers, ca. 1765

"The God of Abraham praise, who reigns enthroned above; Ancient of Everlasting Days, and God of love; Jehovah, great I AM! by earth and heaven confessed I bow and bless the sacred name forever blest."


God of deliverance and Law, I worship you today. You have given us your chosen way of life, promising to be faithful to your children. Keeping your Law is both a mark of our faithfulness to you and a blessing in our life together as human beings. Yet too often, O Lord, I forget the first and most important commandment: to allow you and you alone to rule me. So many things crowd you out, mostly fruits of my love of myself. Make me remember these sins, most holy God. Let me know them and count them and weep over them, so that in the future, in my weakest times, I will think twice and choose you instead. I want to obey you, my God. Help me choose obedience today.

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