Friday, February 01, 2008

Taking a comment break from Complegalitarian

I've decided to take a break from commenting at Complegalitarian. I've been targeted as being to blame for a number of things that aren't perfect there, most of which I think are ridiculous. Most of all, I've been blamed for "forcing" someone else to stop commenting. I'm tired of the controversy and I'm angry at being used that way.

I own that decision. No one's making me do anything I don't choose to do. I'm not making anyone else do anything they don't choose to do. I think Complegalitarian is too important an effort for understanding, for any one person to be the focus of controversy, whether deliberately or by someone else's efforts. I didn't make up the unreasonable rules, I don't agree to them, and I don't have to play by them. I'm not going to engage anyone anywhere else about the issue, most certainly not by e-mail. I don't get into comment exchanges with people I don't believe I'd be wise to trust, on venues they control. Been there, done that, have the bloody t-shirts to prove it. It's one of the rules I set up for myself and it's been serving me well since I finally learned my lesson.

For the record: I'm responsible for my own statements. I'm not responsible for others' statements, nor are they responsible for mine. There is no "collective" who should be expected to restrict me or anyone else. I stand by having stated the truth on Complegalitarian. I'm not going to let myself nor other egalitarians be burned further by my continuing to comment there for the present time.

I am responsible for dealing wisely with my anger. I am angry right now. I'd be just as angry, probably more so, if this were happening to anyone else (and it has been happening to someone else as well). Taking a break is my first step to controlling my anger over this sidelining of constructive interaction on a blog I've come to love (Complegalitarian).

I'm posting this here just so anyone who might wish to know why I'm not commenting, can get a little of the information without my distracting Complegalitarian conversation any further. Complegalitarian shouldn't be about me, any other individual, or any real or perceived "side." It should be about growing in understanding of one another so that we can grow into fuller unity in Jesus Christ. To that end, I'm praying for the participants there and for myself.


J. K. Gayle said...

I don't know if this encourages you, but I do appreciate your comments at Complegaliarian.

Thank you for your candor here too! Thanks for modeling safety in conversation! And thank you for your prayers!

Singing Owl said...

I never knew Complegalitarian existed. But I sure know how difficult it is to discuss this issue without problems. I think it is partly because, at least for me, the discussion relates to who I am--not titles--an intrinsic part of ME. Can't express it well. (((((Psalmist)))))