Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hymn/Worship Song Survey (updated)

My earlier post concerning the language of contemporary worship songs went through topic drift. I realize that it might be helpful and interesting to provide a topic in which we can all give our favorite examples of what we believe is best in whatever style of hymns/worship songs we prefer. (Sincere apologies to John for singling you out in this post earlier; I participated in the drift as well.)

I'm asking those interested to comment here with the title of what you believe is the most meaningful worship song for you right now in your journey. If it's not a widely-known title, perhaps you'd also include the author's name (if known) and/or a verse of the text. Also, please include a paragraph or two about why you chose that text.

It can be "contemporary" or "traditional," "chorus," "hymn," "song," or pretty much anything you've sung recently (or wish you'd have sung) that has transported you closer to God in worship. There is no restriction in terms of age of the text or specific focus of the text, so long as you genuinely believe it is conducive to worship "in spirit and in truth."

I'll look forward to compiling a list from your comments in a week or so.


Gary Wood said...

Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord. My wife and I are both losing our jobs this year. Both jobs pay well because they are Union. This songs lyrics are appropriate. He gives and takes away.

D. P. said...

"All Creatures of Our God and King." We sang it yesterday, but also I love it because my 5-year old really gets into the "O praise him, Alleluias." :-)

Anonymous said...

By "right now" if you mean within the past 24 hours, I'd have to say it was yesterday's introit, sung by a 19 year old who tells me she doesn't believe in God (to which I respond, "Oh really?" especially after listening again to the lyrics). She sounded better than Alison Krauss and I'm not kidding. Song: In the Palm of Your Hand. We also sang "Here I am LORD" which seems to be a favorite. My son's comment last night (showing that we usually sing very old hymns) "Mom, that song is only 20 years old!"

Welcome to RevGals.

John said...

Was it really that 'off-topic'?

see-through faith said...

like what Gary wood wrote :)

right now - this week - it's Great is thy faithfulness because God is faithful and proves it again and again.

Old hymns can be jazzed up wonderfully don't you think.

But I really don't like amazinggrace and unfortunately it's one worship leader's fav hymn.

for contempory I'd take Our God is an awesome God, simple lyrics but prayed and sang with power.

welcome to REV gals btw

St. Inuksuk said...

Where to start, there are just so many?
Here's one:
You Statisfy the Hungry Heart
I feel it every time we sing this before communion.

Psalmist said...

Just realized I didn't give a title of my own. My inner-five-year-old agrees with your child, D.P. - though in the UM Hymnal, we sing "O Praise Ye, Alleluia"!

My integrated self would choose "Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether." It is a wonderful Communion text. Here is verse 1:

Draw us in the Spirit's tether
For when humbly in thy name
Two or three are met together,
Thou art in the midst of them.
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Touch we now thy garment's hem.

The text is by Percy Dearmer, 1931, and the only tune I know of to which it is sung is "Union Seminary," by Harold Friedell, 1957, as adapted by Jet Turner, 1967.

By the way, Gary Wood, you and your wife are in my prayers. May God's grace provide richly for you as you seek new employment.

Poor Mad Peter said...

Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen. I am not kidding--it is real, gritty, speaks of stubborn faith and beats hell out of most contemporary and traditional hymnody, IMOO (in my opinionated opinion).

Quotidian Grace said...

The Church's One Foundation--
the verse:

Though with a scornful wonder,
The world sees her oppressed
By schisms rent asunder,
By heresies distressed
The saints their watch are keeping
Their cry goes up, "How long?"
And soon the night of weeping
Shall be the morn of song.

Always moves me tremendously. This hymn also has a good melody.

Sally said...

My favourite at the moment is
Touching Place (Christs' is the world) from the Iona Community- it speaks of how the church is to be a touching place for humanity- a place where they will meet God, and of the love and concern for the world that should propell us out!

Songbird said...

Among older hymns, I really love "How Firm a Foundation." Sung right, it rocks.
We sang "Here I Am, Lord" yesterday for the first time at my church, and I told the congregation that when I first heard it, on my initial visit to seminary, I felt it had been written for me. It remains moving and powerful. (Hope they learn to love it, too, since it's in our new hymnal!)

Widening Circles said...

These days I find myself deeply moved by "One Bread, One Body," which is interesting since I don't particularly like it.

(Nice to meet you, twinsy!)

Poor Mad Peter said...

I forgot: Jim Strathdee's "Sanctus" and most of Steve Bell's paraphrases.

SingingOwl said...

My two favorite hymns are "All Creatures of Our God and King" and "A Mighty Fortress."

I love all the anthems I heard in my Baptist days, like "Crown Him With Many Crowns" and "O For a Thousand Tongues" etc.

Unfortunately, I never hear any of them.

I am rejoicing that I have persuaded my worship leader (a former heavy metal-er and very contemporary guy) to add "At the Cross" and "Holy Holy Holy" to our song list. He is afraid to try hymns, but I'm still working on him.

As for contemporary choruses, I currently am moved by "Blessed Be the Name" -- can't think of the author, but it contains the words from Job, "He gives and takes heart will choose to say...blessed be the name..."