Friday, June 16, 2006

An Interview with Ken Medema (MUST read!)

One of my heroes over the years I've been a church musician is Ken Medema. Phenomenal storyteller, superb musician, masterful songwriter and arranger...I've seldom been as moved as when I've heard/seen him perform live (twice).

This interview is a must-read if you plan, lead, or participate in Christian music.

Interview with Ken Medema


SingingOwl said...

Oh me, my Methodist sister, you have done it again! I LOVE Ken Medema. So does my daughter, Kris. This is so timely, because last week she and I were IMing about musicians of the 70s and 80 and early 90s that she (and I) used to love and haven't heard about lately. This all started because I purchased a two-album c.d. set of Petra Praise. :-)

Included in the list are:

Steve Taylor (goofy rocker)
Don Francisco (folksy balladeer)
Barry McGuire
and Ken Medema

WE LOVE KEN! I heard him in concert two times, and both times I was moved almost to tears.

Kris had a children's album. We couldn't remember the name, but I have been looking for it ever since...a long play vinyl album. It was some simple title like "Ken Medema Stories and Songs for Kids" or some such title.

It was a great album. Fabulous stories that Kris listened to till she just about wore through the record.

Gorgles was one story hereo. Rennis was other. Ever heard it?

We talked about him for a long time, how he blended his classical training with contemporary music...and his wonderful sprit, talent, etc. etc. He is one of our heroes too.

I'll send a link to the interview. Kris will be so happy to hear what he is doing.

Thank you, Psalmist, for sharing.

T said...

Ken Medema is great. He put on a concert at my seminary. He asked for stories from the audience. I told him about my mom and in some ways feeling like I had lost part of my childhood. Boy do I wish I would have had a tape because the song he wrote based on my story was beautiful. I was moved to tears!

Psalmist said...

SingingOwl, this is pretty amazing! (SingingOwl and I have a long history of "you-squareds": "You [do/like/have/think] that too?") I'm sorry to say I'm not familiar with some of the other artists you mentioned, though I know of Carman (not a fan) and Petra (can go either way). And durn it, I don't know Medema's children's album, but it sounds fun already. I'll have to hunt for it.

Tara, what a wonderful story! I wonder what would happen if you were to contact the seminary--or Ken Medema himself--and ask if that concert was recorded.

Thanks for your comments, both of you. Good to correspond with others who appreciate this unique servant of God and his music.

SingingOwl said...

Well, I wasn't exactly expecting you to be enthusiastic about the whole list. LOL! And Tina, he wrote a song for you? How kewl is THAT? ;-) Really, how wonderful. I hope you can find the song.