Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why do I do these things?

If they're any good, I know the result will be INFP!

But just in case you really, really need to know your Myers-Briggs Personality Type and are willing for a blog-fun level four-question "test" to determine it for you, you can go to


and you, too, can learn your "Bloginality."

[rolls eyes]

1 comment:

Catherine + said...

Well, I am an INFP and sometimes it ain't no fun!

Psalmist, I replied to your comment on my blog as I couldn't find your email address to write you directly.

I am sure I will have lots more to say about our PB Elect...and I meant what I said about being among her champions to the naysayers, too.

Take heart, my Weslyan sister in Christ, a woman's place is at the pulpit and the altar, and the House of Bishops!